VP Business Development - Pioneering Growth and Innovation in Dynamic Environments


Sanjay, the visionary Vice President of Business Development at accel bi, stands at the forefront of propelling the company to new heights. With a distinguished track record in steering success within rapidly evolving markets, Sanjay brings over two decades of leadership experience, having led accel bi through accelerated growth phases for 23 years.

Leadership Excellence:
Known for his hands-on and visionary leadership style, Sanjay fosters a culture of innovation, collaboration, and adaptability, empowering teams to not only embrace change but to drive tangible results. His dynamic approach ensures that accel bi remains agile in the face of evolving challenges.

Strategic Vision and Achievements:
At the core of Sanjay leadership is a forward-thinking vision that perfectly aligns with accel bi’s growth trajectory. His strategic foresight has consistently positioned the company ahead of the curve, resulting in remarkable achievements such as a 100% revenue growth and successful market expansions in the USA, India, and China. Additionally, Sanjay has diversified accel bi into new market segments, including Public Sector, Healthcare, Energy, and Utilities.

Innovation and Global Impact:
As a champion of innovation, Sanjay has introduced groundbreaking initiatives that propelled accel bi into new markets and revenue streams, particularly establishing the company as an industry leader in cloud and managed services. Beyond corporate success, his commitment to community impact is evident through his involvement in esteemed organizations such as the WA State Business Diversity Advisory Group, Data Management Association International, and serving as a member for the Transportation Research Group and Tiber 100.

Financial Acumen and Resilience:
Sanjay financial acumen has been a cornerstone of accel bi’s success, demonstrating fiscal responsibility and a keen understanding of financial dynamics. In times of adversity, his resilience and effective crisis management, especially in engagements with various public sector clients, have positioned accel bi for continued success.

Global Perspective and Visionary Leadership:
Having successfully navigated international markets, Sanjay brings a global perspective to accel bi. His experience in expanding businesses beyond borders aligns seamlessly with the company’s aspirations for global growth. In Sanjay, accel bi has a visionary leader poised to navigate the complexities of a rapidly growing small business, driving innovation, community impact, and sustainable financial success to new heights in the dynamic business landscape.