Accel BI Announced Winner!!! for 2013 NIEM Award for Temporary Biometric (ESB-CVP-VSS US Channel Support) Project…………Accel BI Awarded Elite STARS II Government wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC)…………Accel BI Awarded SeaPort e Contract for Region 1 and Region VII…………Accel BI is now a CMMI Certified Patner!!…………

Monetize Your Critical Data Assets

Our passion and specialty is data, starting with and reflected through our corporate mission statement.     “To enable organizations to monetize their critical data assets in a data-driven world.

Accel BI offers real value and organizational transformation for enterprise IT and data management initiatives. This is done through our fully developed, proprietary Simplified integration as a Service, or SiaaSSM approach that looks to establish best practices for developing the processes, functions, traceability, and ownership necessary for optimizing existing enterprise architecture, developing sound data strategy, data management policies, and institutionalizing data governance.

SiaaSSM is built on ACCEL BI’s five (5) core capabilities: technology assessments, strategic & governance management, quality assurance, process improvement, and analytics & insights services.