accel bi leverages its strategic, scientific, and innovation expertise to help clients gain a competitive advantage, drive positive business impact and monetize your new solution adoption. The benefits your receive are:

  • Industry and platform leadership:
    • Practical pre-sales support – Demo, PoC, RFP response, and more
    • Advisory Services – Discovery, Journey mapping, opportunity assessment
    • Rapid, flawless implementations leading to self-sufficient clients
    • Proven deployment and operationalization mode
  • Full Service or Turnkey engagement model: The approach of a 360-delivery model, which encapsulates advisory, core delivery, and postdelivery support in terms of managed services for enhanced user and software adoption.
  • NASPO SVAR Value Point Contract 
  • Flexible engagement model: Identifies engagement models based on client needs. Include either one or a hybrid of the below:
    • Train the trainer
    • Full-service
    • Post-implementation support and advisory services
  • Insights at scale: With a team of 100+ experts, customizes programs to scale insights for better decision-making.                     
  • Data-driven digital landscaping: Leveraging the publisher’s infrastructure to curate and transform data into more meaningful insights, thus helping clients in their modernization transformation

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