Universal, Flexible, Stitch

The SiaaSSM Approach

It can be challenging to Integrate the correct apps (cloud or legacy), data (within and outside of the firewall), data at a motion from diverse sources.  An even more significant challenge is to do so at speed and scale your business demands and operationalization of your modernization project.

‘accel bi’ provides a unified approach that combines rapid application and data integration, transformation, and mapping with automated quality checks to ensure trustworthy integration every step of the way. We call it the Simplified Integration as a Service [SiaaS]SM approach.


What is SiaaSSM?

Data Integration is at the heart of the entire modernization and monetization of data science projects. It provides the universal, flexible and unified data-centric approach that makes it easy to ingest data from any source and integrate it into the modernized functionality, ensuring that your data and applications are operationalized from day one.

From the rapid ingestion of data to the cloud (private, public, hybrid) hosted application to the most complex multi-projects, SiaaS meets your needs.

Do you have an upcoming system integration modernization, or are you looking to implant a new IT solution and need an implementation or integration partner that can help?  Let us talk about how we can best serve you.