The Rise of the End User BI Tool

According to Gartner and as reported by Chris  Kanaracus at, the old, traditional BI companies, Oracle, IBM, SAP, and SAS Institute have been slowing their growth, while, as the article states:

“‘Companies such as Jaspersoft and Pentaho, which provide lower-cost alternatives to those kinds of tools, grew more quickly than the market average last year…’

Meanwhile, data discovery tools such as those sold by Tibco Spotfire and Tableau became more of “the ‘new normal’” for BI end-user experience during 2013, according to Gartner’s report. These tools give users a highly visual way to iteratively move through sets of data.”

It should be noted that Jaspersoft was recently purchased by TIBCO just a few weeks ago, further positioning the newer, end-user engaging BI tools to continue their growth in what could be an agile leap frog of sorts in the next few years over the heavily IT required mainstay of  traditional reporting. For the full article, click here.

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