Real-Time Category Management (CM)

im-temp-spotfire-224x130The category management process, when leveraged correctly, can be the glue that unites users across business functions. Crucial to identifying opportunities for sustainable growth, increasing sales and increasing foot traffic when done correctly, category management grows brands.

So why aren’t more CPG and Retail organizations taking advantage of all the information available today to combine business intelligence, logistics data, syndicated and POS data and consumer data into maximum category management business results?

TIBCO Spotfire for Real Time Category Management can help you do all this and more. Connect with your consumers, develop your brands, manage trade spending, optimize product placement decisions and help grow your sales.

By combining your existing business intelligence, logistics data, syndicated, POS data and consumer data with TIBCO Spotfire for Category Management, you can achieve true category management potential and maximize business results.

Register now to learn how to:

  • Leverage the traditional data CM elements (POS, Syndicated data, ERP, etc., . . . the same data you are using today for CM) in an actionable, dynamic format
  • Identify only the products and services that require action; eliminating trolling for outliers
  • Forecasts results of “pulling levers” to move categories and quantify requests for trade dollars, sale force engagement, over-weighting, etc.
  • Learn how to get those CM KPIs on your mobile device in order to access them anytime, in real-time

We look forward to seeing you there.


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