Why Spotfire? Here Are The Core Differentiators

Spotfire is more than just a BI tool. It’s a way to drive organizational decisions with smart, strategic, and tactical decision making.

(Gartner sites Spotfire as a Leader in BI and Analytic Platforms)

(Gartner sites Spotfire as a Leader in BI and Analytic Platforms)

Fastest to Actionable Insight

Get answers to questions you don’t even have. Yet.

Spotfire delivers the fastest time to actionable insights. Period. By helping our customers see insights hidden in their data, we help them answer pressing questions, uncover answers to questions they didn’t know they had, and even anticipate what happens next. Not only will Spotfire help you find that needle in the haystack, we’ll help your organization make better decisions, take the most appropriate actions and achieve competitive advantage.

Visibility into the Unknown
The answers are out there. Now they can be yours.

People often approach data looking for an answer to a specific question. Spotfire’s easy-to-use and interpretive visualizations enable users to quickly uncover answers to those initial questions, while revealing unexpected trends, patterns, and outliers that are also hidden in data. We call this “visibility into the unknown”, and it will help you make better-informed decisions, faster than ever.

ipad-home1Self-Service Data Discovery
Deep data exploration made easy.

Spotfire enables anyone to freely explore their data without reliance on IT. This allows people to ask and answer questions as they arise, resulting in faster and more accurate decision making. The end result is a highly productive and agile organization where IT can encourage data exploration by users, while staying focused on their own strategic activities.

Using data exploration techniques that incorporate multiple representations of selected data without wading through endless macros can result in improved employee productivity and satisfaction. Put Spotfire on your next job to plot out complex and multiple variables against each other with a simple touch. Our software will easily present newly visible opportunities that can ultimately lead to increased profitability. By simplifying this process of data exploration, users can detect patterns easily without having to reload data every time a new visualization is desired. All filtering and sorting steps can quickly be reversed to original data.



Universal Adaptability
 Empower everyone.

Spotfire’s enterprise analytics empower the broadest spectrum of users across the widest range of analytic use-cases and processes. Whether you need operational dashboards delivered on a tablet, exploratory apps on the desktop, or to interact with a predictive application running in a web browser, Spotfire delivers. For your organization, that means that users at all levels can act on data-driven insights to make the best possible decisions in the fastest possible time.

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