What is CMMI?

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a process improvement training and appraisal program and service administered and marketed by Carnegie Mellon University and required by many DOD and U.S. Government contracts, especially in software development. CMMI can be used to guide process improvement across a project, division, or an entire organization.

What Is DMM?

For organizations that seek to evaluate and improve their data management practices, CMMI® Institute has developed the Data Management Maturity (DMM)℠ model to bridge the perspective gap between business and IT. It provides a common language and framework depicting what progress looks like in all of the fundamental disciplines of data management, and offers a gradated path to improvement which is easily tailored to an organization’s business strategies, strengths and priorities.

What We Do

Accel BI is one of the only CMMI certified organizations to provide DMM assessments in the Pacific Northwest, and plays a key role in our Simplified integration as a Service [SiaaS™] model. That means our professional staff have been officially  recognized and certified as know what to look for and how to improve data processes across  business lines — allowing executives to make better and faster decisions using a strategic view of their data.

Data Management–Center of Excellence

Accel BI’s Data management Center of Excellence program  based on [SiaaS™ ]address three basic functions, namely Building, Sustaining and Compliance. Building is the creation of new capabilities through the new or enhanced data management structure; sustaining consists of the process for collaboration, evaluation and decision making; and compliance is instituted and managed to control data assets.

Accel BI is authorized to perform CMMI Data Maturity Model Assessments for Enterprise organizations. See what good data management can do for you!

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