Business Process Management



What Is It?

Business Process Management (BPM), is best thought of as a business practice, encompassing techniques and structured methods. Accel BI provides both human and information technology, as either bundled or stand alone services, to establishing, standardizing, and improving organizational processes.

What We Do

Our approach to BPM is applying business process management standards through our Simplified integration as a Service (SiaaS™) framework, to increase the efficiency and performance of the organization. On the technology side, Accel BI utilizes vendor independent solutions to help identify your bottlenecks, eliminate time consuming tasks, and become aware of potential operational issues before they happen. Together with our vendor agnostic solutions, this offers improved speed, visibility, consistency, and agility, which translates into real savings and cost reduction.  

Business Process Management–Center of Excellence

Our BPM Center of Excellence is built around our solid business process professionals, the human component of BPM. Our experts help capture and adopt your current processes in and re-engineer to best suit your business model. With the use of SiaaS™ we assist in enhancing your business adopt business agility, relying on standards established by BPMN, CMMI, ISO-9000, and Total Quality Management. Accel BI’s Business Process Management Center of Excellence program  based on [SiaaS™ ] addresses three basic functions: Building, Sustaining and Compliance. Building is the creation of new capabilities through the new or enhanced process structure; sustaining consists of the process for collaboration, evaluation and decision making; and compliance is instituted and managed to control process assets.

Award Winning Past Performance blue-ribbon-1294754-m

Our BPM approach has been thoroughly tested and proven on high profile projects for USCIS, the Canadian government, and the Department of Homeland Security, winning the prestigious NIEM “Best of” 2013 award.

Technologies We Support

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