Application Management

What Is It?We integrate emerging technologies perfectly so organizations can leverage their existing infrastructure investments.

Application management as a service is developing, maintaining and supporting large-scale, complex, highly distributed and interconnected applications throughout the application lifecycle. Accel BI brings together an industrialized, globally integrated approach with distinctive analytics capability and leading automation to help companies strategically manage their application portfolios in support of business goals. This role plays an important part in the application-related aspects of designing, testing, operating and improving IT services.


What We Do

Accel BI incorporates application management as a service into our Simplified integration as a Service (SiaaS) approach. This allows you to resolve problems faster, with less downtime, and gain end to end operational visibility.  This approach utilizes ITIL and Agile standards, implemented by our fully trained and certified professional staff. With Accel BI, we can enable you to gather user insights from your application data to help your business make better business decisions.


Application Management–Center of Excellence

Accel BI’s Application management Center of Excellence program  based on [SiaaS™ ]address three basic functions, namely Building, Sustaining and Compliance. Building is the creation of new capabilities through the new or enhanced application management structure; sustaining consists of the process for collaboration, evaluation and decision making; and compliance is instituted and managed to control application assets.


Supported Technologies



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