Don’t Miss Accel BI at DAMA-Puget Sound!

When: Tuesday April 21st, 2015

Where:  Ivars Salmon House. 401 NE Northlake Way. Seattle, WA 98105

As an IT professional, can you visualize what effective data management is supposed to look like?
Can you explain to business executives and non-IT decision makers the functions of your applications, methodologies, and processes without having their eyes glaze over? What about the importance of Data Governance and where it fits within the context of your organization? If not, this presentation provides a simple, non-technical way for anyone to understand and explain the role and functions of data management as it pertains to your entire organization. Once completed, you’ll also be able to contextually show where bottlenecks and challenges may be appearing in your organization, and how simplifying your processes maybe the best way to handle your data.

What you will learn:

You will be introduced to a methodology designed to bridge the perspective gap between business and IT that:

–Provides a common language and framework.

–Depicts what progress looks like in all of the fundamental disciplines of Data Management.

–Offers a graded path to improvement, tailored to an organizational’s business strategies, strengths, and priorities.

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