Data Modeling Zone 2015

DMA logo-VerticalData Modeler to Data Scientist- A New Maturity Approach.

When: Oct. 5-7th, 2o15

Where: Chapel Hill, NC.

Accel BI will be hosting a dynamic, educational, and informative speaking session at this year’s Data Modeling Zone!

Abstract:  We are experiencing the need for advanced analytics pertaining to Big Data, Machine Learning and the Internet of Things, which carry large volumes of collected data.  The role of Data Modeler is growing beyond its traditional relationship with data to now constructing predictive models and incorporating decision analysis in what closely resembles the role of Data Scientist.

What you will learn:

This session will provide you the framework to grow from the traditional data model to incorporating a combination of truly disruptive drivers of business and social value. From this, you will walk away with a new relationship to the data ecosystem as a data professional.


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