Data Management Capability Assessment


Big Data, Big Decision!

Capturing data is only the first step. Making the most of it takes the right capabilities, processes and strategy.

Are you drowning in data without a life vest? As gigabytes give way to terabytes and petabytes, business leaders have access to more raw performance data than ever before. Many organizations have so much data that they don’t know how to harness it for business value.

By employing a comprehensive, structured set of standard proven practices, organizations can quickly gauge their strengths and gaps, and build their own customized roadmap to data management capabilities. When these practices are assessed using a facilitated method for conducting objective evaluations, with collaborative participation from lines of business and IT stakeholders, an organization can quickly and accurately evaluate and build their capabilities across data management disciplines.

To drive strategic insights that lead to competitive advantage, businesses must make the best and smartest use of today’s vast amount of data. To accomplish this, organizations need to apply a collaborative approach to monetize their critical data assets.

Here’s how building data management capabilities can help your organization  

Build a Future in Your Data (Big/Small)

Data Management Capability assessment is a workshop-based process that rapidly identifies an organization’s current capabilities in 25+ data management process areas and compares them to proven best practices. The result of the assessment is:

  • A  detailed report of recommendations used to guide the organization’s data strategy and implementation planning activity
  • A benchmark against which all future data management work can be measured
  • A shared vision among stakeholders from multiple lines of business
  • Effective communication and buy-in of priorities and objectives

The GAP  in Monetizing your Critical Data Assets

  • 87% of global senior managers and executives agree that better decision-making would improve their organization’s financial performance
  • And 54% say that a better ability to analyze data would improve decision-making.
  • Yet 52% of C-level execs and 44% of other senior execs have dismissed data because they didn’t understand it.
Source Gartner 2015 Big Data Growing Trends and Emerging Opportunities, 2014 IDG Enterprise: Decisive Action How Businesses Make Decisions and How They Could Do It Better,”

In a Data Management Capability Assessment, ACCEL BI’s CMMI certified Enterprise Data Management Expert (EDME) facilitates the evaluation of your program against the Data Management Maturity (DMM) Model’s documented best practices. This Assessment is a workshop-based process that rapidly identifies an organization’s current capabilities, their maturity levels and practice areas where additional capabilities are required.

The result of the assessment is a detailed report of recommendations used to guide the organization’s data strategy and implementation planning activity. It provides a benchmark against which all future work can then be measured.

Benefits of the Data Management Capability Assessment include:

  • An Independent, Objective Evaluation from a neutral 3rd party of skilled, experienced facilitators
  • Rapid Results – the assessment is performed over a only a five week period
  • Actionable Recommendations that are validated and prioritized based on input from stakeholders
  • Organizational / Stakeholder Buy-In through a new common language and vision
  • Consensus and Prioritization of stakeholders for proposed improvement initiatives

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