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The Rise of the End User BI Tool

According to Gartner and as reported by Chris  Kanaracus at, the old, traditional BI companies, Oracle, IBM, SAP, and SAS Institute have been slowing their growth, while, as the article states: “‘Companies such as Jaspersoft and Pentaho, which provide lower-cost alternatives to those kinds of tools, grew more quickly than the market average last year…’ […]

Enterprise Data World 2014

April 27 – May 1st 2014 Meet us at Enterprise Data World 2014 in Austin Renaissance Austin Hotel 9721 Arboretum Boulevard Austin, TX 78759 USA Accel BI is award winning provider of high value integration and implementation services. We work with government and commercial clients to bring Simplified Integration As A Service(SiaaS), to business intelligence, data management, […]


What Visualizations Can Do For You

Ever wonder about all the different ways visualizations can be configured to help get you some real insight into your data? Need to convey incredibly complex information in incredibly simple ways? The United States Census Bureau certainly does. The problem: With all the information the Census Bureau collects, how do you break break down and […]

VMware Making News Again!

Earlier this month, VMware released vCenter Log Insight 1.5. The bulk of the work done on this release was to make it a more enterprise-ready product. As an example, VMware added authentication support for Microsoft’s Active Directory for easier integration into an enterprise environment. This eliminates the need for multiple logins/passwords and allows for seamless […]