Actian and Accel BI

Actian and Accel BI have teamed up to help customers get more value from big data, faster, by making it easier to integrate and analyze all of their data for actionable business insights in  record time. Accel BI offers simplified integration as a service (SiaaS) to speed the delivery of data and analytics services and reduce the complexity of big data deployments. The company’s 14-year history of success includes implementation and installation services for mission-critical projects in the commercial sector and the complex regulatory and compliance environments of U.S. federal, state and local government agencies. Accel BI employs the SiaaS approach to help customers reduce project timeframes, costs and risks. Their process ensures seamless integration of business intelligence and analytics databases such as Actian Vector and Actian Matrix with customers’ infrastructure, applications and workflow. IB01-ActianAccel

Actian-Accel-BI-Joint-Value1 Actian-Accel-BI-Joint-Value2

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